Good Game Cancelled.

Good Game was one of a kind, the only free to air gaming review show and yesterday this statement was posted to Good Game’s facebook page.


It seems that the two presenters to leave were Stephanie Bendixsen (Hex) who has left to “pursue new opportunities” wherever that could be. As Well as Nich Richardson (Nich Boy) the presenter of Good Game Pocket a daily game show with news updates and first thoughts on games has taken a job commentating e-sports. It is sad to see go such a strong community that interacted with each-other as well as the Pocketeers.

It seems the shows could not remain as they are with the loss of two major presenters, but on the bright side Good Game Pocket their show aimed for children will continue with Bajo and the presenter of Good Game Well Played Rad.

You will be missed, I loved tuning in to see your thoughts on gaming, your energy and opinions was always enjoyable and enlightening. Not to mention Good Game Pocket nothing will fill the whole of tuning in daily to see the news in gaming, not even you Kotaku.

For more check out Bajo’s memoir to Good Game on his blog –

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