Worst Of 2016

2016 was pretty bad, a lot of things failed especially in Pop Culture.

We lost so many great people this year in Pop Culture. Alan Rickman, David Bowie, Prince, Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, Mohammed Ali and Gene Wilder. All icons, All creationists and dreamers. I’m just glad 2016 was over so it couldn’t take anyone else.

We also lost someone from Pop Culture into Real Culture, Trump became president something that seems straight out of a movie or show became reality, the end of the world is near. Maybe we’re living in The Matrix but it still doesn’t seem real.

Memes became bigger then ever this year everything was a meme, everything, old memes returned and new ones were made. The biggest was Harambe a tragic death of a Gorilla. Turned into something ridiculous. Not to mention Lazy Town, Bee Movie, Pepe and Damm Daniel. It’s sad.

In Video Games, Walking Dead Michonne was extremely disappointing comparing it to the first two seasons of The Walking Dead makes it look like the developers dropped it out of a skyrise it was then run over 8 times and then taken away by a dying possum to feed to its children.

Bad Movies, I have actively tried to stay away from a lot of the really bad films of 2016 but I fell into the holes of alot of them. Trolls stepped all over it’s origins. Batman V Superman turned every comic book fans dream into a laughing stock. X-Men Apocalypse ruined all reputation the reboot of the series had because it was so unbelievably boring. Not even to mention Zoolander 2 that has tarnished one of my favourite comedy movies ever with no cohesive plot, stupid celebrity cameos and the fact that almost no jokes land and it is simply awkward.

In conclusion,





2016 Sucks


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  1. pokefan03 says:

    I’m sorry but under your discussion of memes, I believe you have forgotten evil Kermit.

    Liked by 1 person

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