Best Games Of 2016

I don’t play many new release games throughout the year due to time and cost but I did play enough this year to make a top five and a very good one imo.

reigns-poster5. Reigns

Reigns deserves to be on this list purely because of its design + mechanics it takes a classic text adventure merged with choose your own adventure mixed with an epic Monarchy tale. The plain idea is awesome and it is executed beautifully. You learn from your decisions to get better but it gradually changes just enough every so often to keep you hooked.

1039096_lb_231x326_en_us_5e_2016-05-06-05-17-52_63c62ad76b294c6dc44ea97fc0561b22fdc7c1c14. Titanfall 2

Titanfall is easily my favourite shooter ever, I loved it, I played it A LOT. Titanfall 2 is just more of what I loved about the original it added a great story mode and a more advanced multiplayer. I love everything it added, but it sometimes makes it loose a bit of its charm.

batman-episode-codex3. Batman The Telltale Series

I love every game Telltale puts out, I love the style and the mechanics and I love Batman he is awesome, combine them. I love this game, great writing, great voice acting, great style. I loved how they focused so much Bruce Wayne and showed a great side to the character. A few features did become a bit tiresome (linking) which is why it is not higher on the list.

doom_cover2. Doom

Doom is, the greatest reboot of a game ever. It brought the original games trademark style and everything that made it great, and pumped it up to a more modern extreme. It is awesome to play adrenaline is jumping though your body through great level design and combat system. The only problem is that I am yet to experience the multiplayer due to the lack of players and poor matchmaking, this game is awesome though so it’s No 2.

1. Jackbox Party Pack 3

This series is perfect it is ‘the’ultimate party game ever made. Every-time someone comes over to our house we play this game, simple premises for simple fun. The latest game is defiantly the best, Quiplash is better then ever, Quespionage is super creative and fun with more challenge and Tee-KO gives some of the most hilarious moments yet.


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