Top 10 Albums Of 2016

2016, was a pretty good year for music. Here are my top 10 Albums of 2016 in no particular order.

death_of_a_bachelorDeath Of A Bachelor

Death Of A Bachelor leaves me in awe it is such a incredible album from my favourite band. I enjoy every single song on the album. I love how every song means something profound to Urie and the album details a lot of his life, his journey. It also has a really good mix of songs from Pop to Rock to Sinatra.

bruno-mars-xxiv-magic24K Magic

Bruno Mars made a really good return this year he completely recreated his image and sound, with a good single 24k Magic and leaded it up to the album which the best part of it is the 80’s smooth throwbacks.


Intertwined is a sweet, charming album. Short to perfection. No more said.

220px-youthauthorityYouth Authority

A good comeback for Good Charlotte, they had something to say and they had good tunes with it.

green-day-revolutionRevolution Radio

Gripping album from start to finish, great music. Green Day is punk again.

Two Degreeilly-tds

Illy just keeps getting better, his Australian sound is great.

troye_sivan_-_blue_neighbourhoodBlue Neighbourhood

Troye Sivan just screams confidence and beauty and so does this album great songs that fit perfectly together.

topxmmTop X MM

Twenty One Pilots is an amazing band one of my favourites and these versions are all better then there originals.

5cf6e9d6-4901-11e6-8cfb-005056b70bb8La La Land

Anyone who has seen La La Land knows how beautiful this soundtrack is it makes you feel joy and sadness and every other emotion such a wide range with beautiful composition.

sing-street-soundtrackSing Street

Great collection of original and classic songs mixed into the perfect sound for any fan of New Wave.

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