Top 5 Shows Of 2016


I don’t often watch a lot of shows of ‘high caliber’ I tend to watch no more then NBC comedies and Netflix Originals but in those departments it’s been a pretty good year.

5. Superstore

mv5bmjawndywmzawnf5bml5banbnxkftztgwnjiwmjcxmdi-_v1_ux182_cr00182268_al_This show which launched in November last year is a hilarious look on everyday people doing everyday things and not so everyday things in a Superstore, this show took a little time to find it’s ground but pretty much from the first episode aired in 2016 this shows has gotten really good. All the characters are stereotyped but the show is taking time to evolve them especially the title character Jonah has gone through a lot of evolution in just two seasons. The way the final episode of Season 1 ends was such a good episode and was a really great end of a Season to lead into Season 2 which it’s first episode was really great. I most enjoyed the episode Spokesman Scandal involving the mascot being found to be a cannibal and getting rid of everything to do with the mascot. All the comedy is really simple but it hits, it is a big step to NBC going back to it’s glory days of Parks and Rec and Community.

4. The Goldbergs

BACK ROW: HAYLEY ORRANTIA, GEORGE SEGAL, TROY GENTILE; FRONT ROW: SEAN GIAMBRONE, JEFF GARLIN, WENDI MCLENDON-COVEYI will never be able to hate The Goldbergs this show is THE perfect family show. Every week my family and I sit to watch the new episode and the formula is so cheesy and it plays completely off nostalgia of the 80’s, but I love it. There really is just something there, the writing is really good and it feels real but it also feels cheesy like an 80’s sitcom ala Full House as it ends in a message every time but it is just executed so well. The character of the Mother is so funny, as well as the Father who is played by Jeff Garlin. This year it had probably the best season of The Goldbergs with season 3.

3. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

unbreakable-kimmy-schmidt-first-season-35001Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt has some amazing talent behind it and it really shows this has the generic plot of new girl in a big city. Except this new girl was kidnapped for 15 years. It has wild imaginative episodes with fantastic performances by Ellie Kemper, and Tina Fey easily one of my favourite people in the business has fantastic writing and her cameo character is hilarious. Season 2 was easily better then the first and I can only imagine it getting better as time goes on.

2. Saturday Night Live

8b6d94142c65dd791e873afe303024d7This was the first year I have watched SNL and I have fallen in love with it I love every episode and anticipate it as week comes. The cast and talent behind it is fantastic, I love Kate McKinnon, Kenan Thompson and Cecily Strong along with the rest, there was only really one episode so far this season that was a let down (*cough John Cena can’t act *cough) This season worked miracles with it’s coverage on the election and all the other great sketches. I’m looking at you David Pumpkins.

1. Stranger Things

This show is breathtaking, it is incredible in every way and I love it. All the characters are fantastic, all the acting is great, the plot, the script, the technology side. The Duffer Brothers are genius. There really isn’t much else to say this show is almost perfect, the atmosphere is really good it’s spooky but it is still warm and the 80’s setting is awesome. WATCH THIS SHOW IF YOU HAVEN’T



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