New Years Resolutions, 2017 and Beyond

Oh here we are again, I had a bit of a break from writing on the blog and I left a certainly unfulfilled Blogmas (I mean 6/25 is pretty sad). So I decided that I would start again on January 1st, 2017 and the New Year.

So to wish everyone a Happy New Year I thought I would post my New Years Resolutions. In 2017 I hope to, be as nice as I possibly can to everyone, get fitter, go to the movies with friends once a month and lastly make my blog the best it can be.

That brings me to my next point of what the blog is going to be next year, We will stay exactly the same covering Pop Culture but we really have only been covering movies recently so next year there will defiantly be more in the genres of books and music. Our schedule will also get a lot tighter to avoid major hiatus. These will be all the segments we will have next year.

OG Overview

A look back and quick review on an older film could be from the 60’s or 2011. (potentially very week)

News Articles

We will continue to be covering Pop Culture news in all departments whenever it comes out.

Film Reviews

New film reviews will come out whenever I view them at least one every two weeks.

Reader Spotlight

I will be publishing articles from readers once a month. Get writing and email me your articles.

Book and Gaming Reviews

I will now be doing book and gaming reviews and will come out whenever I read them lookout for one on Carrie coming soon.


Box Office Blast.

A weekly overview of how films are faring at the box office.

Creative Writing Project

I hope to share with you all a text I have been writing for some time now in the coming months.

Off The Record

Just a new segment of my random thoughts on something that would not usually fit to the theme of the blog whether it be politics or shower thoughts. (will come at random)

Pop! Vinyls

An attempt at reviewing and giving a monthly rundown of one of my passions Pop Vinyls.

Music Playlists

I will be continuing to do weekly music playlists.


Showdowns between your favourite films. (do not currently have a schedule)

That is it in terms of my schedule but before I finish the post off I have one very important announcement.


i cant guarantee anything yet but were talking YouTube were talking Podcasts get excited because 2017 is going to be AMAZING


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