Blogmas Day 4 | Love Actually Review|



Love Actually is a film directed by Richard Curtis and tells the story of eight different couples, and the way love is celebrated at Christmas Time.


To start off I just want to say this film is just absolutely charming from start to finish I can almost say that I had  a smile on my face from start to finish and the only time I didn’t I was in tears.

This film is carried by the ensemble so many great names with great performances, honestly not one bad role. Alan Rickman is really good in this and is brilliant as per usual. Bill Nighy play’s a washed up rock singer and is absolutely hilarious. My favourite out of the stories was that of Liam Neeson and Thomas Brodie Sangster which not to spoil anything but deals with loss, love and for absolutely no evident reason puts me to the edge of my seat.

It also works so well because of the way Richard Curtis has written and directed all the story-lines to intertwine if they it was just a half effort job then the film wouldn’t flow nearly as well and would loss a lot of the charm.

I had a very big problem with a particular set of chords that they played in the film whenever a important line was said and it got tedious, tiresome and annoying and is a let down to the otherwise great soundtrack which does a really good job of setting the Christmas theme.

Speaking of Christmas when watching this film you are so intrigued that you forget about it you know it’s there and it gets you in the spirit but it drops to the background which is what it should do. In fact they do such a good job characters randomly have to say, “because it’s Christmas”so you remember.

The editing defiantly felt quite clunky in a lot of parts a lot of quick cuts and didn’t feel quite right in comparison to the really great cinematography. A scene set at a wedding had fantastic long pans that were really nice.

The only other problem I have with the film is that it is quite predictable you almost always know what is going to happen next, that is because a lot of it is call backs to classic romantic comedy tropes but they put little twists on them to feel fresh and it is executed so well it doesn’t really matter.

In conclusion Love Actually is a fantastic Christmas, romantic comedy that has every right to make me feel wonderful because of great execution and a wonderful cast with very few minor flaws.

5/5 Stars



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