Blogmas Day 2 | Elf Movie Review

Elf is the 2003 film starring Will Ferrell and directed by Jon Favreau and is about an Elf who after causing problems in the North Pole is sent to New York to find his father.


This film has definitely become a christmas classic and is thrown everywhere on the internet during the christmas season. You can not go a christmas without watching this film.

The thing that makes this movie so great is definitely the performances there is never really a bad actor, Will Ferrell is in arguably his best role he is fun, enjoyable, hysterically funny and does everything his character needs to do  brilliantly. Zooey Deschanel is good, as well as James Caan who is great as the neglective father and provides comedy as well as the only kind of depth to the plot. Peter Dinklage, is so good as an angry short businessman forget about Tyrion this was the role he was born to play.

The plot is great it is not an emotional tear jerker but what it is, is a perfectly funny charming christmas film and it knows that. It doesn’t try to throw in an unneeded side plot because as already said the characters are so good. It really is about a man discovering New York and helping Santa.

Jon Favreau’s direction really compliments this he makes it feel really grand without it being so and you can really see where he put in his style and direction and it turns out very good.

John Debney’s score is really good as it blends in seemingly with the film and doesn’t force itself on you but is crucial to setting the tone.  Dan Lebental has really great editing in this film also.

The only problem with this movie is that after seeing the movie every year at christmas for about 6 years, it has grown cold I know every joke and the whole plot. It really does not stand well after repeated viewing which is the biggest problem with christmas films but we can’t really fault the filmmakers for that though and it is still enjoyable.

In the end Elf is a highly enjoyable and funny film with great performances that is perfect at capturing the christmas spirit and being self contained. A must see for anyone who already hasen’t.

5/5 Stars


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