This is BLOGMAS!!! + The Christmas Tag

As any normal person knows it is December 1st and as any normal person knows that marks the start of Christmas, time to celebrate the season with Christmas Trees, Roast Turkey and Unread Blog Posts.

From today onwards I will be participating in the commercial trend of Blogging every day until Christmas.

From Christmas Playlists, to Christmas Tech, Christmas Movie Reviews and Christmas Books get ready for Christmas Everything.


So for the first day I would like to do just a quick little Christmas Tag that I saw on The Enthusiasts blog. So here we go.

1.Favourite Christmas Film?


Miracle on 34th Street (1998)
It just always manages to captivate and engross me into the film mainly because of the performance by Richard Attenborough but it is just so sweet and the epitome of a christmas film.





2. Have You Ever Had A White Christmas?

meanwhile_in_australia_1654Unfortunately no, Australia does not have snow no matter what and you would have to leave the country to get snow anywhere. So we often find ourselves building a Sandman.



3.Where Do You Usually Spend The Holidays?

Usually at home to continue our usual traditions but sometimes we drive to Queensland to visit family.

4.What Is Your Favourite Christmas Song?

The best christmas song is the My Chemical Romance rendition of All I Want For Christmas it is just head banging festive rock.

5.Do You Open Any Presents On Christmas Eve.

Every Christmas Eve my brothers and I give each other our presents so we appreciate and play with them more before the mass overload of santa’s presents arrive.

6.Can You Name All Of Santas Reindeers?

Rudolph, Donna, Vixen, Dasher, Prancer and Bambi…………..

7.What Holiday Tradition Are You Looking Forward To The Most?

Christmas Movies are obviously the best part of christmas. Binging on all of the greatest films on the season every day until the leadup to christmas!

8.Christmas Trees Real or Fake?

First off it is really hard to find real christmas trees in Australia so it’s not really an option but we have the most beautiful christmas tree with white lights built in.

9.What is Your All Time Favourite Christmas Snack?

Pavlova, There’s nothing better then after finishing your roast chowing down on fruit, meringue and cream.

10.Be Honest Do You Like Giving or Receiving Gifts Better?

Honestly I can’t decide I think they go hand in hand, but I adore giving gifts I have picked all my family’s presents since November 19th picking out the perfect gift at the perfect price but then again getting those christmas pressies is pretty damn sweet.

11.What is the Best Christmas Gift You’ve Ever Received?

Christmas 2012 one word 3DS it was amazing.

12. What Would Be Your Dream Place To Visit For The Holiday Season?

Obviously New York just to reenact Home Alone 2.

13. Are You A Pro-Wrapper?

Obviously my beats are sick.

14.Most Memorable Holiday Moment?

There are honestly just so many but not really a standout. Just really any Christmas Eve I have really fond memories of getting ready for Santa.

15. What Makes The Holidays Special For You?

The Christmas Tree it is the feature of the holiday and without it, it wouldn’t feel like christmas.


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