Storks Movie Review (Spoiler Free)

Storks used to deliver babies, up on Stork Mountain they now deliver packages for but one-day a baby is made and it is Juniors job to deliver him home.


The whole way through this movie I was thinking wow, this movie is stupid, how can Warner Animation Group go so wrong after The Lego Movie. Yet when the movie finished I thought wow that was pretty good.

I hate it because I can’t pin point why it wasn’t funny, or heart tearing, or even that creative. Somehow when it’s all put together it simply works.

One thing I know that works is the characters, Andy Samberg as Junior is fantastic as usual his performance is amusing no highlight one-liners to say just really enjoyable and fun. Junior’s character develops through the film a lot he evolves from a corporate suck-up to a passionate, caring leader and you don’t even notice it happens truly naturally.

Katie Crown is great in her Film Debut as Tulip I really dont think I would have liked the character if it wasn’t for her energetic performance.

Another really organic side-plot is of the young boy and his family of who the baby is to be delivered to. It is the most typical generic story of a young boy who’s parents don’t spend time with him so he want’s a brother. Yet through the voice acting especially of the hilarious Ty Burell and the animation it is honestly the best part of the film when the parent’s finally stop working and spend time with the boy. You see a natural cycle of craziness into fun. In one particular scene when they think a stalk is at the door they slide down the carpet and the raw enjoyment on there face just lights up your mood.

All the animation is really just fun, and the physical humour is the funniest part’s in the film this is really thanks to Doug Sweetland the director who was animation supervisor on many classic Pixar films.What really let’s this film down is the script, the concept of the film and the general story line is great but the weak writing really let’s it down Nicholas Stoller, really confuses me he has incredibly well written films like The Muppets but he also has Zoolander 2 an awful bombshell of a movie. The side-plot with the wolves was ridiculous, and irrelevant to the story.

This movie could be really great all you need to do is cut twenty minutes off the film (the wolf scenes) and hire a second writer I believe no film should have one writer because it doesn’t allow for ideas to flow. Which you can see definitely helped in the directing.

Overall this movie is difficult to give a rating to but compared to the other great animated films this year it does not hold up so I am giving it 3.5/5 Stars.

Yours Sincerely,

Brayden Sim


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