Thoughts On Star Wars Rouge One

Recently the latest trailer for the Star Wars Anthology film, Rouge One was released so I thought I would analyse the trailer and give predictions for the film and it’s release.

The trailer opens with a stunning wide shot of the open sky, and it’s absolutely beautiful already we can tell that the cinematic’s will be spectacular alike most Star Wars Films.

We then move to a highlight on Jyn Eros’s Father, Galen who seems to be integral to the building of the Death Star. We hear him warning Jyn that whatever he does, he does to protect her (which we can only assume refers to helping the dark side). To which an adorable and well cast young Jyn states she understands.

If used correctly this will add a lot towards the character development of Jyn and provide some drama when stealing the plans to the death star.

It cuts to Jyn held in an encased cell, while a storm trooper walks past. It will be interesting to see where this shot is in the movie, it could possibly be early in the film which now that I think about happens fairly often in a lot of Star Wars media. This could also be in a point later in the film possibly captured trying to steal the plans.

People which I can only assume as rebels charge in blasting a storm trooper and someone with an oft putting Australian accent release Jyn from handcuffs.

Then another cinematic cut to an overview of a fallen Jedi statue which looks quite frankly EPIC. I am certainly intrigued to the back story of the shot such as who the statue is of and how it fell which im sure will be explored.

A new shot of a council sitting at a round-table of sorts yet again mentions her father and when she last saw him we can now be reassured that he will be integral to the plot.

Jyn is then seen recruiting her “rag-tag group” and saying they need to find her father to get the plans.

We now get to see our first shot of the Black Robot called K-2SO who I am very excited to see how he acts I hope like C-3PO and if he will achieve as much popularity as the recent BB-8 from The Force Awakens.

Followed by a cinematic trend of the title name drop.

We see Orson Krennic talking to arguably the most anticipated aspect of Rogue One Darth Vader who could be a return to fame or a horrible re-imagining. What really makes us think this is that in every trailer it goes to black whenever we see Vader which could be a good sign leaving the best to last or Lucas film doesn’t want to ruin sales with a bad Vader in the trailer. However Orson Krennic seems to be very well performed.

Following this there are quick shot to different characters and locations like The Death Star which looks stunning they did a perfect job of making it look authentic to the original series yet with modern techniques.

We finally get to see the aspect of war in the trailer explosion after gunshot after explosion. It takes these 15 seconds to tell the audience this isn’t your typical star wars film it will be dark and it is a war, but we wont know how far they can take this with a PG-13 rating until the release.

The next shot shows the gorgeous beach and just palm tress in rows this setting is something completely new for the star wars films and sci-fi, fantasy films as a whole.

X-Wings are prominent in the next frames circling around the death star this is something I am staring to have a problem with this film is a prequel to A New Hope which the third act my personal least favourite part of the film is a space fighter scene that’s it and if this is also a fairly prominent part of the film watching it in chronological order is going to be tiresome. It will also be tiresome for viewers watching it in theatres after the third act of Force Awakens destroying the Third Death Star. Lets hope this is just for the trailers.

That’s it for the trailer, on a whole the trailer is well presented, one of the better ones this year. It portrays the dark war in the star wars skin. Yet they hold onto the same nostalgia trope which they have been relying on far too much almost even since Return of the Jedi. Yet I am very excited and if Disney’s new ownership of Lucas Film’s quality continues this movie looks to be very good.


The other piece of Rogue One news is the new poster.


I have to say this poster is absolutely amazing by-far better then Force Awakens and almost the best Star Wars poster ever. I love the fading Darth Vader and Death Star in the background and the break between the title and the beach is fantastic. As well as the usual characters layed out around Jyn and will certainly intrigue audiences.

This brings us to the wider issue of the success of the film because of course it is a new sort of movie for star wars breaking out from the usual Star Wars Episodes and it will be interesting if audiences will respond enough to all new characters except Vader who is barely seen in most promotional items. This will be the same case with the upcoming Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them.

Looking at past Star Wars films success, Force Awakens earned $2,068.2 so Rogue One has to do nearly half as well as Force Awakens to beat out the current yearly box office winner Captain America Civil War at $1,153.3 and will be an obvious success.

I am so excited for December 16th to see how Rogue One turns out!


Yours Sincerely,

Brayden Sim








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